Saturday, March 7, 2009

when my dead arrives

When death is mine, I'll smile to meet it.
I'll greet it as a lost friend
Because without it, I'd feel cheated.
Death is naught but needed end.
And when it comes my time to go,
when sleep calls me, my soul to mend,
I'll go in silence that I don't know.
The end is what my body needs
to break my flesh from this lost soul
so that my body will be freed,
so that my body will go cold.
But death will not come by my deed.

My life is worth much to me
than I've portrayed in seasons passed.
In life is love and memory.
In life alone can love hold fast.
I live my life the way I choose
because this life will be my last.
My body aches. My soul is bruised,
but I can take this all in stride.
My body is just dust and bones,
though in my body is my pride,
because it is my only home,
the home that my death can't provide.