Friday, December 26, 2008


aku nak share poem yg aku wat..

lie on the ground
looking at the sky
its blue
and a baby birds flying over me
what a black
the tree shaving and leaves fell on my face
so green
when I see all this
I kept thinking
am I always at the world where i'm lying now?
I want to see all this
I feel like I want to hug the world

too many things I want to see
too many things I want to touch
and feel

I can see a rainbow
what a colour
green, blue, red and many more
and up on the rainbow
see the sky with some birds fly besides me
its a wonderful
its a dream
its an imagination
I know I couldnt do this
just a dream
to sleep forever and ever


A Star~

when the times come to greet me
there I'll be
I want to be a star
that shines forever
and looking down people

this is me
I'm not nobody
and I'm not someone else
Its me
I wanna be a star
but not really a star

I will show the world
I prove it
that I'm only star
up on the world
just me